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Women’s Empowerment

Stacked stones and white flower with petal on water drops

What an awesome Shamanic Women’s Empowerment workshop we had on Saturday! Wow!! I am so grateful for you beautiful, amazing women that took part and cleared so many of what has been holding you back. In trusting the energies that we were working with I felt you each went above and beyond. So much old energies shed through tears and laughter. There was so much more going on than perhaps anyone realised at the time and because of this beautiful day something incredible will be birthed and you were part of that and for that I am so grateful to you all. The people who traveled many hours to be there have told me how much they received on the day. That is everything I had hoped for and more.

Empowerment isn’t something that is handed to you or learned. It is who you really are on a core level and you can step up to this if you are willing to receive and discover your capacities in a fun way. Too many times we are serious and lose the fun and playfulness, which when we are in that energy, we can unlock all sorts of magic for ourselves. So, this is only the beginning my beautiful friends and I am so excited you are now going to be part of this stage of development. Honored that you enjoyed the flower essences I prepared for you and look forward to serving you as we continue this incredible journey together.