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The Importance of Intimacy

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Each relationship has its merits and very often as we grow in our relationships we often take our loved one for granted. Now, when you have awareness that something isn’t quite right I would urge you to trust your spark of intuition and take action on it before you find yourself heading to the divorce courts, if of course your relationship still has meaning for you.
I’ve seen many once loving couples end their relationships because they forgot to work on it or even put in a little effort through communication. It doesn’t take much really. Men, just as much as women need to know they are desired, loved and wanted, however men will rarely say anything about it or how they feel and that’s when you are in trouble. Now to deal with this most women would go into defense mode and instantly blame their partner. Well, you really need to take a step back and see things through the eyes of your man and not be afraid of admitting there are things you can both work on, but whether you choose to do this together or not is up to each person. If you don’t appreciate them then you can be damned sure there’ll be someone else who will.
We are tactile creatures that use touch and affection to connect with the person we love. A simple touch of a hand or a light kiss with a sexy glint in your eye can do wonders for your relationship. Flirting with your love isn’t just for teenagers you know. When you engage in this fun past time you are re-enforcing your attraction to one another and so strengthening your bond. Great sex doesn’t just end or start in the bedroom you know! It is an ongoing art of seduction that can add so much magic and spice to your life. So what if the kids throw their eyes heavenward as you and your love give each other a sexy wink or hug. They’ll survive it. After all that’s the reason they even exist to begin with right?
I think what I really mean about this blog is to mindful of your partner and let them know how much you love them, lust them and are proud of them. So in order to rekindle your lustful passions for one another make time to be alone and enjoy life while you laugh together about all the silly things that occurred during your week. Remember the things that made you fall for them first day and go on dates again. Seduce each other by saucy texts and stolen whispers. But no matter what you do have fun together and communicate often. Its not rocket science really 🙂