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Life Codes

Life Codes is a very indepth tool that is used to explore where you are currently at in your life. If you have encountered a dilema or a pattern that you seem to be repeating then Life Codes can help you unlock this and assist you in moving forward in a more confident way. This method is very powerful as it gives insights into your own psyche and gives you the key to open the door.

To get your Life Code number simply add your month/date and year of birth and then add the digits until you come to a single number unless it is a 10 or 11. In that case the 10 becomes a 1/10 on the Tree of Life Map. 11 is a master number and is read as 2.

A Life Code reading can take a bit of time to do in detail and it can be done in person or remotely. You will receive your archetype chart which will show you the energy of what is currently going on for you so you can refer to it from time to time.To book a Life Codes reading contact me by email here on the site and together let us unlock your path.

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Here is what people are saying about Life Codes……….

Dear Caroline,
I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for seeing me on Monday. You have a fantastic gift and so generous to share it with those of us in need. I have great peace since  your consultation, and finally I can see that I will be able to move forward and make things better for myself and my family. Thank you for your help, and I hope to see you some time in the future again.
Regards, Margaret O’ Brien