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What a weekend it was in Dublin at the Mind Body Spirit and Yoga Festival. I absolutely love this event where so many like-minded and gifted people get together to share their knowledge through talks and workshops and I am always honored to be part of it. This time I got to wander the stalls and chat with some wonderful people and even had coffee with a few. Its simple things like this that make me happy. I’d like to thank Mary Sheridan for organising the weekend, which I know was a challenge due to so many other things taking place. However I know October will be phenomenal!

Thank you to all of you awesome people who came to listen to me over the weekend as you all made it truly special and I adored connecting with you. I was delighted to have recorded some of the talks and will be sending it out to you this week as a thank you for subscribing to my Newsletter list.

This week I’ve been asking the Universe for more ease with technology and in getting all of the names on the sign up sheets onto my system. This would be fairly easy for many people to do however I find it a challenge due to my dyslexia but I don’t let it hold me back. Heaven forbid that I did as I would never write again and that’s not an option as I have committed to writing a book. Meeting people and writing are things that bring me joy in my life. So if you happened to be at my talks over the weekend and want to connect with me through social media then check me out on Facebook and add me.