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How often are you living life from your joy? Are you aware of what that is for you? For each of us it could be different but the energy of it is similar. For the past week or so I’ve been holding myself in the energy of my joy and it has created even more ease and joy for me and my life in all areas. When I engage with someone I choose for the time I am with them (working) to step into their world. In the past I would take on their issues too and not know that I had!

Interesting time but it didn’t create more for me, other than disruption and confusion. Now a few years on I know what it feels like to be present in someone else’s world for the time I am working with them and how to step back out again. Once I disconnect from them I know the magic we created in our time together is doing its job and I simply allow it in not paying attention to it.

So today to be told that I’ve helped change their world in many wonderful ways and inspired them means so much to me. I am in so much gratitude for those of you who have worked with me and took all that I taught you and created fun and exciting lives with it. Go you! Can I inspire you to create more? The beauty of working with me is that you basically have me for 6 weeks and in that time we work personally 1-2-1 and also on Skype. That’s one 1-2-1 in person and one Skype session. How exciting is that?! I assist you and guide you through the muddiness that you are sometimes not aware of in your life and we change it. Transformation is my key for you and if you want it then great because I want to help you achieve it and more. So what in your life do you want to change or create? Lets see if I can help you with that. I can only take on 3 people at a time on this 6 week program for change so if you want to know more then contact me via the form below. Not on my Newsletter yet? Then register below too with the title Newsletter.

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