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Psychic Ability

How do I know if I have psychic ability?

Every single one of us has some psychic ability, as it is a natural part of each and every one of us. Not everyone wants to work with this part of themselves, but we often find as we grow older and more self aware we are gently pushed to work with our psychic side or, as I like to call it....our intutitive self.

Sometimes I find when I think of someone I see them or hear from them very shortly afterwards. How does this happen?

This is very common indeed and also happens to those of you who think you have no psychic ability whatsover! The human mind is an amazing thing and capable of more than we can even begin to imagine! When we think of someone we are sending out an energy to the energy field of the person you have called to mind and then, on a subconscious they have received the message and they ring you or you meet them.

How can I become more psychically aware?

This is something I get asked a lot and there are some very simple steps to take. I would suggest you take up meditation as a way of relaxing and opening the mind to your Higher Self. Meditation is very much a part of what I teach in class also.

Why do I hear that Meditation is so important?

I often stress the importance of meditation, as it is engaging the mind through a daily meditative practice that we can enhance our psychic ability. Meditating quietens the mind and we are in a better position to be able to hear the guidance we are given.

How do I discover what psychic gifts I have, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience etc.?

Through practice and patience you will discover where your strengths lie. For instance when you are asked to visualise do you close your eyes and get a clear image in your mind? Then you are more than likely clairvoyant especially if you are working with tarot cards or crystals and get images through your third eye that are relevant to the person or situation you are working with. If you hear words in your inner ear being spoken then you are clairaudient. If you "sense" the emotions and thoughts of others then you are clairsentient. No one clair is more important than another, but you can work on the ones you are weaker at to enhance them further. We explore these concepts in class further.

I hear a lot about Grounding and Protection how can I do this?

This can be done fairly simply and it isn't something that should be made complicated either. You can ground in your energy by bringing your attention to the soles of your feet and visualising roots growing from them into the earth. Breathe in deeply of the earth energy and breathe it up into each of your chakras visualising each chakra becoming cleansed and balanced. Then continue with your day. You can ask your Angel or Guides to protect you if you feel the need for it. You can also programme a crystal to help you ground in or again for protection.

Which Clair are you?

Which is the most common clair?

Clairsentience, is the most common one, but it can vary depending on city to city or even country to country. The majority in Ireland are clairsentient.

How many clairs are there?

There are at least five clairs that I am aware of. 1. Clairvoyance. 2. Clairsentience. 3. Clairaudience. 4. Claircognizance. 5. Clairgustance.