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Creating Your Life

Green leaves with reflection in water

So are you? Yes, you! Are you actually creating your life in a way that is bringing you joy each day, or are stuck in a rut of not moving forward because you are too sacred to put your desires and wishes out there?

Well, your not alone in that and I’ve recently experienced this and I know how horrible it is to feel a sinking heaviness in your stomach as you face another day in a situation you are no longer happy to be in. So why not take a step back and look at it all with fresh eyes? Look within your being and sense what feels light or heavy to you. If you follow the lightness then you know you are on the right track, but how can you do this when you are in overwhelm? Now this can be a tricky one, as I discovered myself!

The first thing to do is clear out all the should I’s? What if’s and any negative self talk that seems to be triggered for you. How? For me it is meditation while breathing deeply and slowly. This may work for you or going for a walk may work just as well. Getting the mind chatter to stop or slow down is important. If all of this fails I go and get someone to run my Bars (Access Bars), so I am clear and in a creative space.

One of things I’ve noticed in all my years working with sensitives is that by and large they are people pleaser’s and don’t want to let anyone down even if it means they suffer. This has been changing which is great and about time too! What would it take for you to follow your own knowing on something even if others around you aren’t comfortable with it? If feels good then why wouldn’t you want to do it? Life is so fleeting and isn’t it better to say “I’ve done the things I desired to do in my life.” rather than have regrets?

No one but you can live your life so I urge you to get out there and live it! Speak your message clearly and from a place of caring. We are all works in progress and sometimes we may falter or even come to a stop, however in you doing what you do you are helping others so keep going and know that it’ll all be worth it. You are all amazing creators.

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