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Coming Soon The MBS

I have to say that the first class back last night was very interesting and am so glad everyone enjoyed it as much as I did! I’ve got so much going on lately that I’m trying to keep up with it all and contain my excitement at the events to come. Next week is the Cork MBS and I am so looking forward to working with my wonderful friend and mentor Heidi Sawyer. She is such an amazing lady and with such a generous and loving spirit that it’s not hard to see how she wins the hearts and intrigues the minds of so many!

So this is a perfect opportunity for you to come along and attend one of her workshops or lectures. These are life changing for many people. Then in October it’s the Dublin MBS which is another great event. I am so looking forward to the big event coming in March of next year! This is going to be an amazing one and I will give more information on this very soon so do check back every few days. So now I have to prepare and write a “teachers guide”. Bet you are wondering what that is about too? Well wait and see!



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