Joy & Ease

What a weekend it was in Dublin at the Mind Body Spirit and Yoga Festival. I absolutely love this event where so many like-minded and gifted people get together to share their knowledge through talks and workshops and I am always honored to be part of it. This time I got to wander the stalls Continue reading »

Awakening Awareness

  My visit to London was awesome and so much more fun than I anticipated. Don’t you just love when something goes even better than you expected? While there teaching Access Consciousness The Bars® to a lovely group of people I became aware for the first time how happy I was. Facilitating people in improving Continue reading »

Creating More For You

I’ve been looking for ways to give you, yes you, even more information and to connect with you on a deeper level and I’ve been creating for you little podcasts that will inspire you and assist you when life is kicking your butt and your sensitivity is feeling more of a hindrance than a help. Continue reading »

Accessing All Of Me

I’ve spent many months going through a very personal journey to discover who I am in the face of all I’d believed up until this point. In being vulnerable I shed my adopted persona and delved deep within to see where it was that the ‘me’ I knew somehow existed in the shadows. Much personal Continue reading »