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My visit to London was awesome and so much more fun than I anticipated. Don’t you just love when something goes even better than you expected? While there teaching Access Consciousness The Bars® to a lovely group of people I became aware for the first time how happy I was. Facilitating people in improving their lives and relationships has been something that came naturally to me and I never looked at it as anything special other than I just had ‘the knack’ in a manner of speaking. In the past I would have been in a panic being in new surroundings and meeting people, yet this time it was all so different. This was in itself inspiring as I knew I was following my awareness and actually trusting it for the first time.

Sitting in a lovely Indian restaurant on Saturday night with some lovely friends I decided to tap into the bubbly, joyful energy around me and in turn I flowed this energy back and soon people from all sides were chatting to us and we shared in the laughter of our mutual, interesting connections. Would I have done this as easily and as relaxed in the past? Not on your life! Why? Well…….because I didn’t want to be judged as the talker or the Irish lady who talked too much. One of the things I’ve done is to no longer care about the judgments people send my way because in truth they aren’t judging me but in judgment of themselves. We came here to stand out and be extraordinary people, not to hide or shy away, or make ourselves less than so that someone else could be greater than us. Can I ask you a question? Ok good. Are you the most potent person in your life? If you get a resounding yes then good for you let’s celebrate that! If you think you aren’t then look at the ways you are giving your power and potency away. How does that make you feel? You know there’s always another way right? How do you begin to get there? Through being more aware of everything coming into your being.