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Ok is the title a question or a statement? I suppose it can be either depending on the moment and place where your at. This past week has been filled with a lot of weird energy and that could be as a result of my working on certain energies and clearing what comes up or could be that I have been feeling so much more from the people around me and it hasn’t been comfortable. In fact it has been downright uncomfortable and painful and I’ve felt anxious and sad to the point of depression. Most people have experienced this insidious energy and know that if allowed take hold it can cut off all your joy, creativity, peace and leave you in this horrible place of no light. It isn’t a wrong or a right. It’s just what happens on our journey called life.

As many of you know I attended and spoke at a Time For Change event in Dublin recently and it was fun and interesting to say the least, however its since this that I’ve been aware of things on a deeper level. To have so many gifted people gather together in one place was awesome and the energy was intense. It was during my talk that a realisation dawned upon me and I’ve been looking at it ever since. Why? I hear you ask, well I now know that in many areas of my life I’ve not been willing to receive and as a result not acknowledged some of my capacities, in fact I made myself wrong for them and in so doing allowed others to make me wrong for them too! How crazy is that?! Guess I’ve been doing that for most of my life.

In many respects I was annoyed at myself because I felt my talk wasn’t great despite the number of people who’ve approached me since and say what I spoke about gave them answers and helped them. Was I willing to receive this from them though? No. I instead went straight to the wrongness of me and this week has been about acknowledging my gifts and being willing to receive from them in all situations. What about your gifts, capacities and talents? Have you been running away from them and pretending they don’t matter? What would it take for you to sit with yourself and acknowledge them just for you and then receive the communication from the energies around you as you go through your day, your week, your month etc. You are amazing and gifted and right now the world requires your contribution as do the people in your life. Go on being the amazing, gifted beautiful person you are and choose to no longer hide in the shadows. Until next time follow your knowing and reach out if you need to.

Love & Hugs


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