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Yes! Ok so it’s a New Year and I know many of you are embarking on a regime of getting fit to shed the pounds you may have gained over the festive period and well on you, go for it. For others as we head into 2016 we are focusing on our other aims and goals of looking for a better job, or improving your business and relationships. We are all works in progress and whatever you are working on for yourself good for you!

I’ve found from my own personal experiences that having a fit and healthy body equals a fit and healthy mind. Well, most of the time at least. As I shed my old limitations, through some deep processes and energy work, I feel in a much brighter place than I did a year ago. It’s true that us sensitives (humanoids) dislike change as it feels scary because its the unknown after all and it means we have to leave the comfortableness of what we may have always known. Why not let this year be the year for great change in your life and more? Look to see what you’d like to create in your life and know that anything is possible once you choose it. You see that’s the important ingredient right there! Choose it! So many of us know what we don’t want and have strong views on just that, however it’s a little more work to actually look at what you would really like.

So, choose something you’d like to have or create in your life and send that request out there and then be open to possibilities and follow the energy of your knowing, not always your logical thinking. It goes way deeper than logical thinking and I’ve tried all the logical thinking (didn’t work so much), so now I’m going one step further and following my sense of knowing. Will you join me on this journey amazing creators? I’ve already created something I wanted to do this year and it happened with ease. Don’t look at all the reasons why you can’t have something, instead look at all the reasons why you can! Do comment or ask questions and lets do this. Chat soon my friends.