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Do you know there are 32 points on your head that correspond with many areas of your life? By gently touching and holding these points we release our limiting points of view so that we gain more of who ‘we’ truly are. Access Bars assists in stress relief, phobias, depression, PSTD, many illnesses. It can benefit the very young to the old. There is a bar for aging, joy, sadness, creativity, money, sexuality, time and space and so much more. What if you could release your limiting points of view that have held you back in your life? Bars can assist you in unlocking your potential so you can receive more of the life you desire. Would you like to know more? Then you can go to the official Access Consciousness website

Would you like me to come to your area and teach a Bars class? I am a fully qualified Access Bars Facilitator and I am happy to travel to wherever I am required so why not ask and see what we can create together? What else is possible? Contact me below. I also offer Access Bars 1-2-1 sessions as well as Access Bars training. If you are desiring change and tired of trying to fit into a world that simply doesn’t get you then this could be what you’ve been looking for. Any further questions then contact me.

I am holding an Access Bars Practitioner Training in May in Cork city if you are looking for greater change in your life then this could be the ideal day for you. Once you’ve taken the training you can run other people’s Bars or if you are a Holistic Therapist add it to your tool box. Have questions about it then contact me here.

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